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Working Papers

  1. Muhlmann, Christoph, François Bachoc, Klaus Nordhausen and Mengxi Yi. "Test of the Latent Dimension of a Spatial Blind Source Separation Model." Submitted.

  2. Tyler, David E. and Mengxi Yi. "Breakdown points of penalized and hybrid M-estimators of covariance." To be submitted.

Selected Grants

  • NSFC Grant, Robust Estimation of Covariance Matrices under Geodesic Convex Penalty Functions, 2022-2024, CNY 300,000, PI.

  • Austrian Science Fundation (FWF) P-31881, Blind Source Separation in Time and Space, 2019-2022, €399,984.39, Co-PI.

  • USA NSF Grants, DMS-1812198,Lassoing Eigenvalues: A classical and a robust approach,2018-2021, $149,997, Co-PI.

Professional Services

  • Reviewer for Annals of Statistics, Annals of Applied Probability, Statistica Sinica, Journal of Multivariate Analysis.

  • Statistical Consultant, Rutgers Office of Statistical Consulting